1 /Den/ adverb
1 at a particular time in the past or future: It was then that I realised she'd tricked me. | I used to go to school with Mavis Butterwick, or Mavis O'Brien as she then was. | The furniture is being delivered next week so until then we'll have to sit on the floor. | from then on (=starting at that time): They met in 1942 and from then on they were firm friends. | just then: Silently she closed the door. Just then she heard a noise. | back then (=a long time ago in the past, when things were different): Back then we spent holidays in Blackpool. | then and only then: Tidy your room, then and only then can you go out with Mike.
2 next; after something has happened: You're doing it all wrong. Mix the flour and butter and then add the eggs. | First the passengers and then the stewards jumped from the wreckage.
3 used to say that because of what you know about the situation, something else is probably true: Still in your pyjamas? Have you just got out of bed then? | if...then...: If x =3 and y =5 then xy =15 .
4 but then (again) especially spoken used to say that although something is true something else is also true which makes the first thing seem less important: I don't spend much but then I don't really go out much.
5 spoken used at the end of questions, statements etc, especially to agree with someone or to make people aware that you are speaking: So, what do you do then? | Right then, shall we start? | “Mom, will you play tennis with me?” “Get the balls out then.”
6 especially spoken used when giving your opinion or advice about something: If you're going to go then go. | “He's boring, rude and arrogant.” “Then divorce him.”
7 so that something happens or so that someone does something: Wear a big hat and dark glasses then no one will recognize you.
8 used in a list of things when you have remembered something else you want to add: I do all the washing and cleaning and then there's the ironing too.
9 then and there also there and then immediately: I expected to have to wait a few days, but they issued the passport then and there.
—see also: now and then now 1 (6) 2 adjective the then President, Director etc the President, Director etc at a particular time in the past: secretary to the then Head of Light Entertainment

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.


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